Planning on starting your own business? Looking for some affordable business ideas to try? Here are some great business ideas with low investment!


Today, a lot of people leave their jobs so they can find something that suits them more and feeds their passion. They simply don’t want to retire at 60 and look back on their lives just to feel like they have wasted it!

Don’t wait the time to pass by, instead take an action now! If you are planning on starting your own business and you are looking for some cheap business ideas to try, you have come to the right place!

We are going to help you build and launch your own business for cheap or free! How?

Here are some great business ideas with low investment you can try:

  • Bookkeeping services – If you are great with numbers and you want to work from home, this is a great business option for you. You need to be a Certified Public Accountant in order to offer this type of service. There are great free online invoicing tools you can use such as,, and others which can help you to create balance sheets, create monthly or annual financial reports, income statements, and etc.
  • Virtual assistant – Even though this type of job may not sound attractive or glamorous, we promise you that it pays very well. You can use websites such as Upwork to find your own clients and the best thing about this job is that you can choose your own clients, your monthly pay rate, and your work hours.
  • Reviewer or tester – Businesses and individuals often look for people to test or review their items to encourage and motivate others to purchase them. If you want to try this business idea, you can create your own profile on freelancing websites or you can approach businesses directly, offering them a testimonial or a review in exchange for money. It is better if you have your own blog as you can write posts about the products and build a portfolio which you can present to future clients.
  • Secretarial services – This business idea is pretty similar to virtual assisting, however, it requires little or no experience at all. All you need are good time management, strong organizational skills, a high level of autonomy, and good communication skills.

Some other business ideas with low investment you can try – website developer, app developer, eBay assistant or seller, internet security consultant, desktop publisher, and etc.

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