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The entry of Shopify into the e-commerce game rippled the market. It came with a unique e-commerce platform that enables individuals to build their online stores and start selling products online fast and cost-effectively. Shopify comes with innovative features that allow you to set up an online store without web design skills or coding knowledge. It also offers an online store Shopify free trial. With Shopify, you’ll not have to worry about hosting your online store, server maintenance, and how to showcase your products to potential customers. Here is an extension of the advantages that make Shopify an attractive option for both startup and accustomed e-commerce website owners:

• It’s a reliable e-commerce solutions provider

Any e-commerce website owner will tell you that an e-commerce platform’s reliability is critical to the long-term success of any online business. They know that any downtime is equal to the loss of sales. Even a slow-loading page can cause huge losses to an established e-commerce store. That’s why e-commerce store owners will always choose a reliable platform over anything else. When it comes to reliability, Shopify guarantees it. No wonder it has managed to attract many online store owners within a shorter timescale. Statistically, Shopify powers more than 500,000 online stores today.

• E-commerce solution Shopify comes with useful apps

Like many established e-commerce solutions providers, Shopify harbors a community of web designers and experts who have developed, and continue to develop apps that Shopify online store owners can incorporate into their platforms. Examples of apps on Shopify that can increase any online store’s functionality include Yotpo Social Reviews, SEO Meta Manager, and Product Options. It’s also an open source e-commerce solutions provider, which means expert developers across the world are continually modifying its code to make it more superior.


• Shopify comes with e-commerce website designs that are easily customizable

The design of any e-commerce store contributes to its appeal. If your e-commerce store looks boring and dull, many customers will abandon it. Shopify offers you the opportunity to create a website with an elegant design. This is possible because of the many pre-made e-commerce websites templates to choose from. The good thing is that you can customize the design to align with your business needs and your taste. With the huge array of tools at your disposal, you can customize your online store design without engaging an expert web designer.

• Shopify e-commerce solutions provider takes care of the hosting

One of the biggest challenges e-commerce owners face is choosing the right web hosting provider. With Shopify, you won’t need to worry about hosting your e-commerce website. The platform does that for you. That means you won’t need to install any software on your computer or server. This is a great way to save on hosting costs and the many problems associated with a self-hosted blog. The platform also hosts all the shopping cart of its clients and is responsible for common e-commerce website problems like gateway payment, hosting, and management. On top of all that, Shopify helps you to categorize customer information to aid marketing, while at the same time tracking their stock.

• It’s user-friendly e-commerce solutions provider

One reason why e-commerce website owners flock to Shopify is that you don’t need web design skills or coding knowledge to set up your store.  In other words, the platform takes care of website configuration, technical aspects, and shopping cart management. All you need to start selling on Shopify is the inventory and how to do business online. Shopify also comes with 25/7 customer support, detailed FAQ page, Shopify manual, as well as email support.



Over the years, Shopify has grown by leaps and bounds by offering a whole lot of flexibility to its clients. It started out as a platform to host and help small businesses, but with the rollout of the Shopify Plus, it now hosts big retailers.

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